Olli Ella

Cozy Dinkum Fox (Finnley)



Dearest Finnley Fox, the dreamy den dweller of the woodland and our newest member of the Olli Ella Cozy Dinkums! With the softest rust-colored fur and a sleepy, floppy body, Finnley Fox is perfect for snuggles and sweet dreams.

You might find him curled up by the fire or exploring a dreamy moonlit forest, but there's nothing Finnley Fox loves more than snuggling into slumber with his friends.

Like all the Olli Ella Cozy Dozy Dinkums, Finnley Fox is posable, made from the plushest outer, and features the sweetest embroidered face with a little tuft of hair. Each Cozy Dinkum wears a non-removable suit with wonderful unique detailing and a rainbow right over their heart.


· Dimensions: 2.6 inches tall and 3.15 inches wide at their belly.

· Weight: 0.35 lbs

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