Aid Through Trade

Mommy & Me Bracelets (Sorbet)


Roll-On Bracelets will remind you of a cold, refreshing cup of sorbet on a hot summer day. The bright blues, oranges, greens, and whites create a smooth, fun set. This handmade bracelet set is nostalgic, fun, and refreshing and the colors embody the fruity flavors of a delicious cup of sorbet.

As one of the founding members of the Fair Trade Federation, Aid Through Trade was started in 1993 by a former Peace Corps Volunteer. Now it is one of the leaders in the fair trade fashion industry and employs about 200 female artisans in Nepal.

Aid Through Trade is the original creator of the famous Roll-On® Bracelet. All of our Roll-On® Bracelets are made with the highest quality glass beads and carry a lifetime guarantee.

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