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Some of These Are Snails

From the creative mind behind Circle Under Berry comes this deceptively simple concept book that explores sorting, classification, and patterns as it teases the brain in unusual ways. With an elegant and simple approach, this thought-provoking book shows young readers that even the most familiar things can be seen from infinite perspectives. As with the best classic children's books, you read it once, read it ten times—and see something new every time.

MULTIPLE WAYS TO READ: The author has provided creative and helpful suggestions for different ways in which to read this book for varying reading levels and age ranges, making it truly versatile.

PACKED LEARNING VALUE: The unusual approach to colors, shapes, and animals intelligently introduces young readers to patterns, classification, and problem solving. The imaginative language, rich with rhythmic phrasing and playfulness, begs to be read aloud.

WIDE APPEAL FOR SCHOOL AND LIBRARY USE: Carter Higgins presents engaging learning with a variety of concepts. With its clear read-aloud qualities, this is ideal for teachers and librarians who organize reading events in their classrooms and communities.

UNIQUE DESIGN: The art style for this book, with playful nods to Eric Carle and Hervé Tullet, stands out from the pack in ways that will resonate with children as well as adults. It sits beautifully on any shelf—
from classroom to home libraries.

TALENTED AUTHOR: Carter Higgins has many successful titles across multiple age groups, including 
Circle Under Berry, Everything You Need for a TreehouseThis is Not a ValentineBikes for Sale, Big and Small and In-Between, and Audrey L and Audrey W.
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